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About BOW WOW dog food

As an affordable dog food manufacturer, we started well over 15 years out of the passion for dogs of all breeds and sizes and believe that our furry friends should get the best without spending a fortune. All of us want happy and healthy dogs, which is the biggest driver behind the manufacturing of our dog food.

The quality of our budget dog food has since then spoken for itself, with thousands of dogs in South Africa enjoying happy BOW WOW meals.

BOW WOW brings the same high-quality you can expect from African Gazelle products in the most affordable way. Our budget dog food is created with your dog's balanced diet and health in mind.

Scientifically formulated by a qualified animal nutritionist

Affordable dog food that keeps your pet happy and healthy

Contains essential ingredients for your dog's well-being

Promotes a good and healthy metabolism and eyesight


Enriched with much needed vitamins and anti-oxidants to boost your dog’s immune system, BOW WOW boosts your dog’s energy levels while keeping them healthy so that they have more time for daily pup activities. We also don’t use artificial colourants or flavours which could be harmful to your furry companions.

Cereal, Vegetable protein, Vegetable Derivatives, Vitamins and Minerals, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Approved Anti-oxidants

Nutritional information

Available in 8kg, 10kg, 25kg & 40kg

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BOW WOW dog food is made for dogs that deserve the best at an affordable price – and that includes all of them! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to give your pet much-needed delicious meals.

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